Yusuf Mansur

Appreciation for DQ’s Team

Yusuf Mansur




Doain saya ya… doain keluarga. Dan doain Pondok Daarul Qur’an (DQ) dengan seluruh cabang-cabangnya. Juga doain Indonesia dan dunia dengan seisinya.

In DQ, there are a large number of people who put in many hours in order to get to this point and to future too. Without them, I’m nothing.

All brothers and sisters in DQ have been much appreciated. And it has been a pleasure to have many talented people and team behind me and DQ.

There is nothing I can do without them biidznillaah. So, DQ is not my effort. But their efforts. Not my work, not my success. But their.

It’s an honour for me having great people in DQ. Really. I want to thank for their help in every single step of DQ’s movement and dakwahs.

Many friends in pesantren DQ gave sound guidance for me and DQ as a lembaga. And you know? People only know me. It’s not fair.

Overall, I have many friends too. Outside DQ. You, all, are my great friends in dakwah. Without you too, I and DQ persons, are nothing.

So… tengkyu tengkyu tengkyu. May Allah always gives HIS Rahmah and Barakah, Rizki and Ni’mah. Ash-Shihhah and Al ‘Aafiyah. Assalaamah too.

How great I am. How lucky I am. Having you all. This is not The Basa Basi Statement. Coming from my heart.

And by seeing DQ now, and rumah-rumah Tahfidz in Indonesia and other countries, I felt till now I never do my best for you all. *Sad.

Hopely this writing can be readed by all DQers in Pesantren Ketapang and all of its branches. As a salam from me for them.

And hopely you can read this writing. Let me say thanks to all friends, and jamaahs. Love you full. Great salam to your family wherever they’re.

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