Becoming The Better You

Becomong The Better You


Let word… Biar kata… Let word you have no idea… Let word you don’t know what I did last summer, Allah knows everything. And you know guys? Allah not only knows… Allah will bring you to tomorrow. Becoming the better you… What more… Apa lagi… What more you know something. Or you have something. Ofkors it will be mor mudaher for you to find what you want, to get what you want, to reach your dreams.

Allah dulu. Allah lagi. Allah terus. Bukannya ikhtiar dulu. Ikhtiar lagi. Ikhtiar terus. Duit abis. Utang numpuk. Dan tetap aja mentok-mentok juga. Bahkan you will be the bad batman. Come into the dark. You have to be a good batman. Go out from the dark. And fight with Suparman.

But Suparman is not takut to Batman. He only takut to his wife, Supargirl.

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