Bring The Newest Standard Of The World Together

We will give to this world, something better than money… Ukhrawily. Not only dunialy.

For example, if you are good father, good mother, good brother, good sister, good bos, good employe, good teacher, good student, good neighbor, good staff, good leader, good father in law, mother in law, good friend…

Do not be a good man, in the eyes of people. But also in Allah’s Eyes. God’s Eyes.

The newest standard of the world…

These are what I and we teach people, especially in and through Paytren. Yup. Paytren containing not only printing money. But changing people. Talking about life changing and life experiences.

These are what we have to do too in Paytren Ecosystem. Not only think about money.

This country, and this world, don’t transform themselves. No. They cannot change by themselves. To be best? To be good? No. They cannot. The transformations are wrought by people. Yes. By you and others. By me and others. You change, but people not? People change. But you are not? Do and run together.

This is my #ceritapaytren. To be continued. English POL. Hehehe.

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