Yusuf Mansur

Don’t Doa Only for Yourself



My friends… Please… When you do doa, don’t doa only for yourself. Remember your family, your brother, your sister, your friends in the world. You are not alone. Please doa for all.

In every single doa you did for all, Allah give you rewards. Many many rewards. A lot rewards. For one single person, one sedekah. And every sedekah, Allah give you ten times, or seven hundred times, or even more.

You know the jumlah kaum muslimiin? The amount of us? From zamaan nabiyallaah Adam, from Prophet Adam till the end of the world? You can not itung it… You can not count it. A lot. Very very banyak. So you can imagine how Allah reward you?

And the amazing thing, Malaikat will make doa back, for you. Better than doa you did for others.

You can not nyuruh malaikat to make doa for you… Nyuruh apa ya bahasa inggrisnya? Hehehe.

You can not give a command to malaikat… Hei Malaikat, please make doa for me. No. You kenot. You can’t. Who you are? You can’t talk to Malaikat. Illa bi-idznillaah, pastily. Pastinya.

Sure you can not. But, if you make doa for your friend, your brother, your sister, your family, moreover for the one or the people you don’t know, Malaikat automaticly will do back for you. Doa from malaikat, insyaaAllah is the better doa. Malaikat has no sin. Malaikat ga punya dosa.

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