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Warranty From Allah For Our Life As A Human


There is a similarity between living our life as a human being and buying a product in a market. When you want to buy a product in the market, you know there are original products and there are knockoff products. The difference between the two types of product is its warranty. An original product is relatively more expensive, but it comes with a warranty; meanwhile, a knockoff product is relatively cheaper, but it does not have any warranty. As for our life, it also has a warranty, and the warranty comes from Allah.

How do we know that Allah has given a warranty for our life? It is in the Quran, surah Huud: 6

And there is no creature on earth but that upon Allah is its provision, and He knows its place of dwelling and place of storage. All is in a clear register (Lauh Mahfuzh).

Every Creature Will Have Warranty

If any of you has ever worried about the provision, just take a look at this surah Huud, verse 6. Every creature on earth has a provision that comes from Allah, and Allah GUARANTEES that each and every one of us will get that provision. That provision includes foods for us to eat, places for us to live, things for us to use and everything else; everything is guaranteed. Allah is the All Wealthy, His wealth is more than sufficient to provide for all creatures, for all men, animals, and plants. You only need to do the best, and Allah will do the rest.

Just like a warranty from a shop, Allah’s guarantee for our provision also has terms and conditions. Depending on our condition, that guarantee can or cannot apply to us.*

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